WHC has a combined total of over 100 years of cheerleading coaching experience. All our head coaches are USASF certified, First Aid certified, and have a wealth of cheerleading knowledge and experience, and a love of the sport that parallels no other. 

WHC Coaching Staff:

COMPETITIVE COACHESJana Nickerson, Ashley Astephen, Erica Royal, Jessica Pickrem, Rachel Webb, Jo Fahie, Kerry Wallace, Wendy MacKay, Jennifer (Heff) Heffler, Allison Garroway

COACHES IN TRAININGJulia MacDonald, Leah MacNeil, Noelani Lumsden, Becca Yeomans, Becca Rideout, Britany Chapman-Chittick, Britany Williams, Samantha MacSweeney-Daniels, Kristen White, Sarah Molenar, Kaitlyn Anderson, Jenna Mitchel, Jacqueline Murphy, Abbie Loughran, Katie Fyfe, Kelsey Power
TUMBLING COACHES: Ashlee Stark, Hugh Smith, Derek Wist



WHC Coaches

WHC Managing Staff:

ERICA ROYALWHC Owner and Program Director
JANA NICKERSON: WHC Owner and Program Director
ASHLEY ASTEPHEN: WHC Owner and Program Director
JENNIFER BRUNTWHC Account Manager, Administrative Lead, and Fundraising Coordinator
AMY DICKSONWHC Assistant Admin, Fundraising
CAREN YEOMANS:  WHC Social Director
LISA DRYSDALEWHC Travel Coordinator
JENNIFER MILLSWHC Facility Coordinator
SASHA JARDINEWHC Facility Coordinator
MICHELLE CAREYWHC Facility Coordinator
CHRISTINE FYFEWHC Tumbling and Scheduling Coordinator 


WHC Managing Staff

WHC Team Moms

Wonder: Jennifer Brunt, Amy Dickson

Innovation: Jennifer Brunt, Marnie Ells

Prodigy: Susie Murphy (backup or other TM not yet confirmed)

Courage: Christine Fyfe

Brilliance: Aimee Landry and Sasha Jardine

Passion: Kim Dunlop and Sasha Jardine

Devotion: Shelley MacDonald (backup or other TM not yet confirmed)

Charm: Kim Dunlop, Amy Dickson (backup: Myra Janes, Joanne Mills)

Ambition: Kim Loughran, Amy Dickson 

Charisma: Christine Fyfe, Caren Yeomans, Kim Loughran

Love: Christine Fyfe, Caren Yeomans, Kim Loughran (back up: Roseanne MacSweeney)

Precision: Lorna Bowden (back up or other TM not yet confirmed).