WHC has a combined total of over 100 years of cheerleading coaching experience. All our head coaches are USASF certified, First Aid certified, and have a wealth of cheerleading knowledge and experience, and a love of the sport that parallels no other. 

WHC Coaching Staff:

COMPETITIVE COACHES: Jana Nickerson, Ashley Astephen, Erica Royal, Jessica Pickrem, Rachel Webb, Jessie Strum, Jo Fahie, Kerry Wallace, Wendy MacKay, Jennifer (Heff) Heffler, Allison Garroway

COACHES IN TRAINING: Julia MacDonald, Leah MacNeil, Noelani Lumsden, Becca Yeomans, Becca Rideout, Britany Chapman-Chittick, Britany Williams, Samantha MacSweeney-Daniels, Kristen White, Sarah Molenar, Kaitlyn Anderson, Jenna Mitchel, Kaylee Baker, Jacqueline Murphy, Abbie Loughran, Katie Fyfe, Kelsey Power
TUMBLING COACHES: Ashlee Stark, Hugh Smith, Derek Wist



WHC Coaches

WHC Managing Staff:

ERICA ROYAL: WHC Owner and Program Director
JANA NICKERSON: WHC Owner and Program Director
ASHLEY ASTEPHEN: WHC Owner and Program Director
JENNIFER BRUNT: WHC Account Manager, Administrative Lead, and Fundraising Coordinator
AMY DICKSON: WHC Assistant Admin, Fundraising
CAREN YEOMANS:  WHC Social Director
LISA DRYSDALE: WHC Travel Coordinator
JENNIFER MILLS: WHC Facility Coordinator
SASHA JARDINE: WHC Facility Coordinator
MICHELLE CAREY: WHC Facility Coordinator
CHRISTINE FYFE: WHC Tumbling and Scheduling Coordinator 


WHC Managing Staff

WHC Team Moms

Wonder: Jennifer Brunt, Amy Dickson

Innovation: Jennifer Brunt, Marnie Ells

Prodigy: Susie Murphy (backup or other TM not yet confirmed)

Courage: not yet confirmed

Brilliance: Aimee Landry and Sasha Jardine

Passion: Kim Dunlop and Sasha Jardine

Devotion: Shelley MacDonald (backup or other TM not yet confirmed)

Tenacity: Christina Yurczyszyn, Shelley MacDonald (backups: Angela MacCarthy, Kathy Castel, Tracy Murphy)

Charm: Kim Dunlop, Amy Dickson (backup: Myra Janes, Joanne Mills)

Ambition: Kim Loughran, Amy Dickson 

Charisma: Christine Fyfe, Caren Yeomans, Kim Loughran

Love: Christine Fyfe, Caren Yeomans, Kim Loughran (back up: Roseanne MacSweeney)

Precision: Lorna Bowden (back up or other TM not yet confirmed).