Cheer NS Provincials 2013 Volunteer Schedule

Saturday - WHC Parents are in Charge of Duties for Saturday

We are also asking if parents can bring in some food items on Saturday for the volunteers room (coaches, paramedics, judges, volunteer staff, etc). Sandwiches  
sweets, fruit trays, chili, soups, paper plates, napkins, bottled water, juice anything you like. If you can let me know if you would like to bring something, and what, that would be great! We will also need "all hands on deck" for the setting up of Exhibition Park on Friday night, and to disassemble on Sunday, and help move our floor to the Orange Dome after the competition is complete. As many people as is humanely possible for these tasks is required!!!

Entrance/Admission Desk:
Need 4 people on main entrance (two on each door) to process payment, give out bracelets, and stamp people who don't get a bracelet. Need 2 people on the 
athlete/coach door to make sure coaches have proper ID, or pass out ID to out-of-province coaches, to make sure cheerleaders are in uniform to get in for free (only participating cheerleaders get in for free), and sometimes parents come in this door too, especially with the younger cheerleaders, so must be able to process 
payment here as well. 

 8:00 - 11:30 pm      11:30 am - close Details/comments
 Kelly Richard Elizabeth MacKay Main entrance payment processing - Door 1
 Monika Drozdowska Lynnette Douglas Main entrance payment processing - Door 1
 Kim Loughran not required Main entrance payment processing - Door 2
 Sheri Gallivan not required Main entrance payment processing - Door 2
Angela McCarthy not required Athlete/Coach door (check for uniform, coach ID, and payment
 Tanya Dorey not required Athlete/Coach door (check for uniform, coach ID, and payments

Floaters (Volunteer Room and Relief Duties:

Celine Rouillard-Manage Volunteer room all day Saturday

Make sure athletes are not permitted entrance; only coaches (valid ID), volunteers, and judges. Re-stock food if necessary, etc, Relieve other people as necessary, 
and be a gopher when required. Also be available to relieve people on other duties as necessary. 

8:00 - 12:00 pm      12 pm - close
 Rebecca Lancaster                                       
 Dana Scott                               

Extra Floaters as needed: 

WHC Fundraising Booth (SATURDAY):

We will have our own booth/table set up on BOTH days. We will be selling t-shirts, goodies, and other things. This location also serves as a convergence point for 
most of our moms and kids. 
8:00 - 10:30 am   10:30 - 1:00pm    1:00 - close (approx 3:30)
Jennifer MillsMichelle PoirierCaren Yeomans
Joanne MillsTammy KelleyLesley Baker
Caren YeomansCeline RouillardSteph Carlisle
Kim Dunlop Christine Fyfe    Elizabeth Gorski

WHC Fundraising Booth (SUNDAY):

Same duties as Saturday
8:00 - 10:30 am 10:30 - 1:00 pm 1:00 - Close (approx 3:30)
Joanne MillsAmy DicksonCaren Yeomans
Caren YeomansTammy KelleySasha Jardine
Kim DunlopCeline RouillardTanya Morris                                                          
Jannetta SparkesChristine FyfeRachel Wallace                                                 

50/50 Sales:

Need two people selling at the door when spectators arrive, and two people in the stands. Would like to see some cheerleaders sign up for this, as well as a 
supervisory adult. 

8:00 - 10:30 am   10:30 am - 1:00 pm     1 pm - Close (no longer required as draw will be at 2:00pm Details/Comments
Amy DicksonCorina Fancey Tanya Dorey Selling at the entrance door
Roxanne DimmerJannetta Sparkes Jane Pitre Selling at the entrance door
Tim DunlopZeda Redden                                    Selling at the entrance door
Sasha JardineRobin Kent        Sasha Jardine
 Selling in the stands
 Michelle Carey  Leo Dimmer    
 Selling in the stands

Competition Floor Security:
This role is to direct the flow of people traffic in and out of the VIP seating area (right in front of the mat) and to make sure they move out of the way when a team is 
finished to make room for the next group. It's also to control the flow of cheerleaders onto the mat to perform and off of the mat when the routine is completed. 

8:45 am - 12:00 pm      12 pm - close      
 Lorna Bowden    Lorna Bowden
 Rosanne M-Daniels    Rosanne M-Daniels
 Aimee StewartAimee Stewart
 Maki StewartMaki Stewart

Warm-up Room Monitoring:
Time warm-up on each station, direct flow of athletes/coaches through the warm up room (Hall D). Need to help with the warm-up stereo, and to make sure that the 
athletes are lined up and ready to move from station to station, including being in the right "holding" pattern for performance. Please note: These positions run more
smoothly when we have the same people running the stations all day. If you are available to work one of these stations all day please let me know.

8:30 am - 12:00 pm      12 pm - close       Details/Comments
Karen McLean                                      Check in station
Ann Nelson                    
Ann Nelson Run floor times
Lauren Emanual                                      Monitor Stretch Area    
Nadine Zwicker                                     Monitor Tumble Area 
Traci Boutilier                                     Monitor Full Practice Floor Area
Tara MacdougallTara Macdougall Stay with "on deck" team

Egg Sandwiches - Lorna Bowden
Breton Brittle - Lorna Bowden
Veggie Tray - Joanne Mills
Cupcakes - Michelle Poirier
Sandwiches - Michelle Poirier
Banana Loaf - Rosanne M-Daniels
Cookies - Rosanne M-Daniels
Chili - Tammy Kelley
Cookies - Tanya Hardy
Quinoa Salad - Celine Rouillard
Vegetarian Chili - Amy Dickson
Bowls and spoons - Amy Dickson
Veggie Tray - Sheri Gallivan
Rice Krispie Squares - Sheri Gallivan
Sandwiches - Jannetta Sparkes
Deviled Eggs - Aimee Stewart
Cookies - Aimee Stewart
Corn Chowder - Caren Yeomans
Pop - Christine Fyfe
Napkins - Christine Fyfe
Oranges - Tanya Morris
Muffins - Robin Kent
Veggie Tray - Brenda Fehler
Fruit Tray - Brenda Fehler
Fruit Tray - Joanne Mills
Muffins - Celine Rouillard
Cinnamon Rolls - Ann Nelson
Muffins - Jennifer Mills
Instant Oatmeal - Amy Dickson
Cereal - Amy Dickson
Fruit - Angela McCarthy
Sausage Rolls - Rachel Wallace
Water - Zeda Redden
Cheese & Crackers - Karen McLean
Fruit Tray - Lynnette Douglas
Sandwiches - Tammy Tibbo
Muffins - Jane Pitre
Veggie Tray - Stephanie Carlisle
Pop - Stephanie Carlisle
Cheese, Pepperoni, crackers - Denise Billard
Lasagna - Kelly Richard
Plates - Kelly Richard
Forks - Kelly Richard
Wraps - Andrea McLean
Chips - Kim Loughran
Cheesies - Kim Loughran
Utensils - Kim Loughran
Tea bags - Tanya Dorey
Sugar Pkgs - Tanya Dorey
Stir Sticks - Tanya Dorey
Meatballs - Kim McNeil
Cheese Biscuits - Jenn Lumsden
Butter - Jenn Lumsden
Plates - Amy Tynes
Cups - Amy Tynes
Creamers - Amy Tynes
Tea Bags - Amy Tynes
Sugar Pkgs - Amy Tynes
Plates - Elaine Power
Cups - Elaine Power
Utensils - Elaine Power
Pasta Salad - Sandra Powell
Apples & Bananas - Annie Davidge
Rolls - Colleen Strum
Water - Dana Scott
Apples - Dana Scott
Rolls - Dana Scott
Hummus - Kelly Richard
Milk - Janet Dunn
Bananas - Tanya Hardy
Milk - Traci Boutilier
Garden Salad - Elizabeth McKay
Potato Salad - Elizabeth McKay
Water - Colleen Maloney-Greenfield
Rice Krispie Squares - Collen Maloney-Greenfield
Cereal - Kim Dunlop
Milk - Kim Dunlop
Milk - Tanya Hardy
Granola Bars - Nadine Zwicker